i cant go on for..

i cant go on for about a week and a half :[
stupid finals are coming up in like 2-3 days
and i gotta study for em.
so basically my dad's takin my laptop away
cuz he knows i wont study if i havve the laptop.
so i'll be back on the forums/dod by probably
June 21.
hopefully on exactly that day.
anyways yea this was random but i just wanted to let u guys know.
thanks anyways.


umm..UK just hit a new level of personal with nicole :p

have fun and study hard nicole. we've all been there, and im going through my last trimester of college finals right now..its fun :p

see ya when you pass all of them :D
yeah, at least you have someone to take the computer away from you, i cant stay off of it, and because of it im not doing anything else....heh i guess you could say i need my life back
you're gonna wish you did study that whole time lol. unless you're one of those annoying super-genius kids...who get all cocky about everything....hate those guys... :(( ....
GL on your finals bro !! i know how it is

You mean "sister". And yeah, good luck Nicole!
[quote1181695057=The Wanderer]
i would tell my parents that i need my computer to study for my finals. even if i dont id still pretend to study everytime they walked by.

lol i did exactly wat u said and they actually gave it :D
weee :] thanks :D
Finals suck. I took my two final exams today, one in Chemistry and one in Italian. I'm pretty sure I got anywhere from a 20 to a 30 on the Chemistry one and probably an 80 or so on the Italian one.
Are you guys insane? DoD > All!!!!! Lol j/k. Yeah, get your grades up. So far I think I have failed 9th grade twice because I was on the computer too much and I didn't do my work. Don't be like me!