Im having the worst week ever



First my dad loses his job, then I get sunburned to all heck on a water skiing trip, then I lose my scholarships (grades, my fault really).

Console me :(
LIfe can suck sometimes,,,,,,,,, trust me, i'm 48 yrs old and life still sucks sometimes. Hang in there bud.
Synthetic, do not fear. I failed my first quarter in college and I just took it like a man and got my grades up the second quarter. Life throws crap at you all the time, sometimes you dodge them, and sometimes they knock you clean off your feet.

You just have to buckle down and work hard to get your GPA back up; also, concerning your Dad, that cannot be part of your stress level, that's completely out of your hands and can't think about it, it'll only distract you further from your main objective - whatever that might be.
life sucks an it will never get better!!! >:O

lol jk man jk

yeah dude my week[month more like it has sucked]and Luck gets better in time so just wait and things get better ^o^
We've all been there synthetic, so we all know what you're going through (maybe not to the same extent, but mostly). Like everyone says, things get better, you just have to give it time. As for grades and scholarships, I feel your pain on that one. I lost 3 scholarships these last two terms because of my grades, which cut my bank account down..quite a bit...but don't worry too much. Summer is around the corner, which means your dad has time to find a new job, you'll be getting to work, which will take your mind off some things, and you always have me to kill on the servers :) Cheer up when you can, we're here for ya :)
yes. life is not very good for me either. I switched majors 3rd year to a new program, so that added 1 yr to total time in graduation. I go to pay tuition 3 weeks ago and find out my scholarship ran out... 4 yrs of it, not 5. So i need to go to financial aid office. Also, though my grandfather's mind is sharp as a tack, his 93 year old body is failing, and i'm afraid in the next 2 months i shall be making a trip to Canada to see all my relatives, and it won't be for a reunion. And also, i was going to go from Orlando (where im at 4 college) to Ft. Lauderdale to see family, but tropic rainstorm barry or susan or whatever f*#@!d my house... my bedroom is ankle deep with rainwater. ...Gotta find a new place in 2 weeks cuz my lease is up.. lotta stuff. I feel for you buddy. No worries. Things often appear the darkest before sunrise.
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sorry to hear about this man... my mom lost her job out of no where and she got real sad.... but then she started to get happy b/c she could watch The Price is Right more, just hang in there and if you need to just take a break from the computer
It can't be as bad as the week Mr. Bucket had a while back... Bleeding out the ear, fish hook in the eye, someone trying to burn down his house... I could say something about [link=]Schadenfreude[/link], but I couldn't think of anything that wouldn't make one of you feel worse... so I will let you chose to feel worse if you want to, (I hope you don't though)