wont be playing either

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I just moved into my house down in College Station and we dont have internet down here. Im currently in the computer lab on campus. But we did find out we can steal wirelss from our neighbor until we get a line in, so Im gonna try and find a wireless reciever for cheap and get hooked up this weekend
If you have trouble with the internet thing let me know I can try to help ya out : p Where in College Station in particular?? Im in Bryan near Blinn College : p (Hope you can read this without internet lol)
yea i steal internet from my school on my laptop. its pretty funny.


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Yeah im stealing people wireless internet all the time, you would be surprised how many people are stupid enough to leave their wireless without a password... :D:D But yeah fuzzy hurry and get some internet set up and get back into teh server, we miss ya :(
im back at home for a few days to get another load of stuff to take to college. while im here ill have internet, but their computer is definitely no goof for gaming, but i might try to play a little bit later. and ill be bringing back a wireless reciever so i can hopefully get hooked up down at A&M


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Get some kind of wire in your house :)
the cable guy is coming monday to turn on the cable and all that stuff and the router we ordered should be in tuesday, so hopefully fenn and i will be up and running and pwning again next tuesday
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