Just some general questions about rankings in general.

1. Are we getting a rankings page for the new server?

2. Is donner rankings page working? Cos my KDR is negative and it says I've only ever killed with mp40 and I haven't been assault class for ages.

3. Everytime I play Kalt and I press statsme on "this session" it says that I have -600 points or something to that nature. This is even though I have a positive KDR and have around 15 objectives. :S is this true, cos if so I aint a clue how to get points on it.

Yep my question is y am i ranked like 14 on the new server when my KDR is .80 and i have never had a positive KDR during a session.
Guys i think Kendle has a lot to work on and i think he might know this, but once my points go negative they stay that way even if i have a 2.5 KDR when i stop playing