Xbox Live Question.


EGO Addict
The only reason I don't have Xbox Live for my 360 is because my parents won't give me their credit card to pay for it! Lame.

Anyway, I have a question, or a few. I recently found out that there is a Silver Membership which is free. I don't know how the hell I never knew about this before, but I didn't. Anyone have it? If so, It'll make this a lot easier. The reason I am in dire need of the membership now is because of Oblivion. I've been playing since about a month after it's release and I've stumbled upon a glitch in the game which seems to be quite common with the oldest version of the game. The only way that I have found to fix this is by connecting to Xbox Live and downloading the latest patch. So, does anyone have Silver, and with it, can you even download patches?
The silver membership only allows you to add friends and talk to other people. In order to download patches for games and etc you'll need gold membership, which obviously you'll need to pay.
Strange, because the official site sais that the Silver membership allows you to buy things off of the Marketplace, download demos, gamer pictures, etc.
You can do anything a gold member can do with the silver except for play online multiplayer and the occasional demo which is gold only.

You can still get a gold member ship w/out a credit card, goto gamestop, wal-mart or something and pick up a membership card with cash then go home and redeem the coupon code on the back to get your gold account activated.