CounterStrike Vs. Day of Defeat



Hey, does anyone in this clan play CounterStrike Source or do you just play DOD?

Are you a HARDCORE CounterStrike junkies, or do you hold a deep place in your heart for Day of Defeat alone?

Which game is your favorite and why?

Personally DoD is a much greater game with a much greater population of good people playing on it so that is why I wil choose to play DoD over CSS anyday.
i wans a cs 1.1-1.6 adikt for like 6 years, got into dod bout 2 years ago, got into dod:s about 6 months ago, got into eGO inlate feb early march:p and now here i am:D
I've been playin DOD and CSS both for over a year. I like them both. DOD has respawn, and people are generally kinder to you online. CSS is very intense, but about 50% of the players use wallhacks/aimbots, 40% are EXTREMELY GOOD, and the other 10% are like me and only play for fun and can be good once in a while.

This past week I've played more CSS than DOD, but they are both fun to play.
i still play cs, but i play dod ten times more for the same reasons mentioned: too many hacks and punks, but its good full throttle action from time to time..
i started off last october playing CSS, then in march i bought DoDS. now DoDS is all i ever play although i will hop onto CSS every once in a while.
i personally like DoD better cause its a more realistic game and i think the graphics are better and some other stuff like that. and DoD is based off of actual events unlike CSS
I used to be big time into CS back in the day. I started around b5.2. I was into the skining and modeling side of the community for a while. I just got sick of the crowd that played the game. Same went for DoD when Valve got it. That's the reason that I only play on eGO servers.
i like CSS, but dod allows for better teamplay like controlling points and allowing for more strategy which i was i am into DoD more.. but there is a new mod coming out which looks good, called Insurgency. check out for details...
i used to be a big css junkie but now ive kinda calmed down video games. but i'm way better at css so i kinda like that more but dod does kinda have a story line to it which makes it also 1 of my faves.
I used to play CS:S alot and was good at it, but, err, I dunno. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the eGO servers, but it seems like there are far too many 8 year old retards in CS.
Every time I play CS:S it reminds me that it was created solely to give 9 year olds the ability to say things they would never say to someone in person in fear that they would kick the crap out of the little turdballs. Counter-Strike sucks. The only time I ever feel like playing it is when I don't feel like playing anything else, which is a seldom occasion. Comparing DoD:s to CS:S is like comparing winning the lottery to a kick in the nuts.
I used to play CSS, then decided to play DOD one day and never turned back. Although I do play CSS occasionally with friends. I prefer the DOD community though that's mainly due to the nice little corner that eGO has. Plus I prefer DOD as it is more team orientated.
i play old cs quite alot now since my old clan welcomed me back a week ago( i was absent from them cause my cs wouldnt work) but i still play dod:s alot still heres a pic of them :D good days yep not a offical member though since i been absent from them for a while (couple months)
I like both Cs and Dod but persanoly the guns on dod are harder to use, creating more of a challenge (And less cheaters Ect.) Cs is good for begginers hope this helps.

=(e)= Geco Grancher
I used to play CS:S, but I prefer DoD:S, was away for 4 months on both, when I got back, I had gotten better at DoD, but couldn't get back to my 4kdr on DoD:S

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