Garrys Mod

Hey every 1 does any 1 here play garrys mod? if u do can u tell me how to make a good cannon? i could never get it right i always kill myself.........
lots of people play Garrys mod here, but most of them do silly DoD posing. I don't but I still haven't been able to make a decent cannon, sorry.


EGO Addict know you can turn off player damage, right? It makes you completely invincible.


EGO Zealot
its ok i didn't know you can do that also


im pretty sure you have to download gmod 10 for the full dod experience :D
you can play in garrys mod u can spawn stuff pose stuff and make a bunch of stuff. and spawn NPCS and fight them. its pretty fun
I wish you can play as DoD:s modles and have DoD weapons ready to shoot...

becuase shooting a film in the server is harder than i thought