Tonight's (6/12) Scrim Information for e's:


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Alright boys, make sure you've read the following thread if you plan on participating:

Remember, there are new rules and new procedures so make sure you're familiar with 'em. Also, e's please realize we only have space tonight to accommodate 10 of you.
So first come first served.

The match will be on the AVA server, and the password will be : overlord

Remember: 11pm est / 10 pm cst / 9 pm mst / 8 pm pst
I have decided on the map, but have not told anyone, it will be a surprise to everyone. You guys will find out the map when we restart the map to begin the scrim.

Any questions or concerns, you can pm me or Drunken Sailor, or just post here.

I'll see you on the battlefield.

edit: temporarily stickied it for convenience, will remove after scrim