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alright, so i go to play DoD:S right? yeah, now it says that i have to re-purchase the game i already bought. now instead of being completely ready, i have a "pre-load ready" beyond pissed off right now...especially since i may have to go buy a new copy, along with the notion that someone may have used my account and has been hacking on it...and if thats the going to be even more pissed off...

we'll see how this turns out in an hour..
Do you have anyone else that uses your computer? I know that if I log my buddy into his steam account it will show the game as "preorded." Perhaps you are logged onto someone elses? Or maybe just log out of steam and then reloggin in.
no this used to happen to me, close all of steam from your system tray. Wait a few minutes, and relaunch steam. This fixed my issue.
ok, didnt work the first time i restarted steam, but i restarted my computer and its working again...whew...sorry for wasting thread space...thanks dead.

and no one else uses the computer. im the only gamer in my house lol, and the only person i know of who has a steam account. thats kinda weird though, its never happened before...its the last time im leaving steam logged in for over 36 hours !dodge

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