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Well, on the only other forum that I frequent, there's a "post yourself" thread wherein members post pictures of themselves. I don't know if this is against your rules or not so I suppose I'll give it a try; it's always really nice to see who I'm playing with.

Please: No nudity, no obscene gestures or any other shenanigans.

Here: I'll start:

This is me at the steps of my school back in France.


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i already posted this pic, thats my best friend on the left, my prom date in the middle, and me on the right. i was pretty wasted, dont remember this picture being taken... good ole prom!


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lol Baron!!!


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lol im the one on the far right bein randy savage, my dad is taking the pic and im standing next to me mother

Me at 19, in the Navy in 1975.

Me at 37, I played stand-in guitar in my Dad's bluegrass band, and a couple of local country bands. My miter saw accident prevents me from playing now...

Me at 47, along with my wife.


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'Growing up with outlaw' that should be a tv show or something.

lol, lets see what i have.

here i am

and here i am after the surgery


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rockin the victory signs - Canadian Rockies - 2006