Promotion????Just Asking

Well,I've been here and been helping around lately before I took a break from DoD:Source. So I've been wondering how do you get a promotion to =(eG)=.
It'll be wonderful if someone replied.

=(eGo)= Recruit,

P.S.:=(eGo)= is the best!!!! eGo FTW ALL THE WAY
Asking is not gonna get it, your post count says you have 4 posts, try to be just a little more active in the forums, and do you play a lot of Ava b/c i never have seen you on donner.... over all don't ask, be mature, and stay active and that will get you a promotion
oh man i've been having toms of patience for promotions. thats the key: patience. and just read the stickys on the Recruiting office. also just be active(on the site) and play well.
[quote1181789547=Kamakize Tommy]
The best way to NEVER get promoted is "ASKing FOR A PROMOTION". This will prevent you from ever getting promoted. Just play and have fun we are wathing all the time and will notice.

Tommy Said this in one sticky that everyone should of read.... if you need to go back and reread it!
not smart, wouldnt ask if i were you. and the "eGo is the best" is true, but you dont need to patronize us bud!
Hey I joined 8 months ago and I'm still an =(e)=

I always play on Ava, some times on Donner, and now a bit on Kalt.

You have to be recommended for a promotion. But to do that you need to be noticed, so be mature, be active, post a lot, and above all never, ever, ever ask to be promoted.
yea, ive been an =(e)= for about 6 months now, but im still enjoy the game man, its not all about having admin, its actually being apart of the clan in some ways. Just stay active, make some friends and just take advantage of the good enviroment on the servers

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