pretty random but i just wanted to know...

am i like the ONLY girl in this...=(e)= clan thing? lol
sorry really random but i was just wondering :p


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Weeeeelllll, online gaming is a little weird. All we see is text on the screen, a supplied picture occasionally and sometimes a voice on a mic. Some guys like to use girls names and girls like to use guy or nondescript names, i.e. "razorback" or something like that.

The short answer to your question, is "possibly not" :)

Welcome to the clan, nicoleee!


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I'm getting my g/f into the game and she said she wants to join up when she "gets a little less suckier". So - nope.
Welcome to the clan nicoleee! I dont think you're completely alone but definitely outnumbered haha
Nice to see some girls playing DOD though, haha my GF wont go near it
See you on the battlefield!


Girls that play videogames win the internet in my book. You are a rare and awesome breed, take pride!