graduation! woot


EGO Addict
Just got back from my middle school graduation. really glad to be out of school, but gonna miss a bunch of friends...but you know what!? summer means more time. and more time means more UB3r r0cK3tz0rs iN y0uR F4c3s !!!

here some picture my mom took when she snuck up on me....stealthy mother....only thing missing was the victory signs i always flash, lol

You can probably tell...i had a huge acne breakout...not cool

hahaha, it was a private school, some school i feel was the best im probably ever going to go to, man, gonna miss it. But yeah, high school here i come...time to make friends all over again for like - the 7th time (seriously, ive been through like 6 different public elementary schools - and no - i wasnt kicked out)

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