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title explains it. and if wanting to help or know more about movie pm me or blazing heat
kodiak i already got you... so everyone can know we have me, blazing, striker, baron, killa, andrw, frosty, rom, gio, z, one winged, moe, kodiak, splank, tucknrole, banana, wanderer, hot sauce, Kamphy, chump, Kamikaze tommy, Mop, outbreak, and nephium
I say Kalt cause it's got great scenery. You have people's breath, snow, tunnels, a wheelhouse etc. Just good places to set the vibe.
<------ Can help if computer wants too (its undecissive sometimes :( ) but it has its good days and bad days mostly good days
I would say a different map than the really popular ones. I voted for colmar because it's unique how the setting is in the evening and how it's a different objective (Detonation).
death when you show me in the movie
i want you to play Epic music like hmm lets say

"One Winged Angel" fron Final fantasy!!!
just a small suggestion : )
hmmmm that gives me an idea.....dramatic music in the beginning...the we introduce the eG 's and play some heavy metal!
I think Baron should fight our recruit one winged angel with the "One winged angel" music since Baron asked for it, and One Winged is huge Sephiroth fan....and fast moving from Baron to Winged, and back to Baron...etc....would be so cool....kinda like FF VII xD

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