uhhh, anyone want an avatar?


EGO Is My Life!
Hey in light of my newest avatars, i am offering my services to fellow clan members. If you want a custom animated avatar just post what you want here.

I will only make it if it is not too complex, and it has to be cool...
oooo i do i do! me slicin a dude's head off (me as the grim reaper) and chuggin a beer
for me, how about a guy just wandering about for a little bit then gettin shot in the head! like back and forth across the screen a couple times.
yeah sure. just like a random stick dude, with a shovel, standing over another stick dude. and then under it saying. Pwnt.
Id like one Outbreak! Just a guy in a sailor hat loading a rocketlauncher and then aiming it at the screen and then an explosion! Thanks again for my awesome animated sig you made me so long ago!
umm is it too late to ask? lol anyways if u could make one of someone graduating from college and it says "murder" on it! thank you so much