[poll] 1st possiable commercial

NICE man, that was the best dod movie i saw...except for the ctual movie when the allies wipe the crap of the allies on donner
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You messed the name up. It says 27/7 Kalt. Its good.
Fixed it... its says 24/7 now

you all do realize to make a 20 second commercial... you need about 2 minutes of content to hack of right?

ofcourse its long lol

*** the credits wont be a part of the video***
Nice, but just join our movie team, you can film, give orders,etc. we got plenty of actors, plus we know how to take off hud if you don't.
OH cool Yeah, im not working solo.

I dnot want to completly direct either.... (i just have some good ideas to throw out there)

teamwork is better

Xfire: someslavikdude
That was cool. Also, when (and if) i get into the clan, I would be an actor for those movies. I think that would be awesome!
We need to make an time schedule on when to film test shots or scenes...and if I don't have you yet slavik, I will add tomorrow!

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