THings connecting


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Uhhh, pictures should explain them all, the things dont really affect anything but my sight, i cant see behind it (or whatever it is)

anybody know the problem?


yeah its graphics ive had that happen when i make maps ... nvr get it when playing a map that valve made...
check ur graphics settings or dont play on that map for a while and then go back and see if its still there
its usually fine, but sometimes i think, when ive used my computer for a maybe two hours already, and i join, that happens, can the heat be it?
Thats called artifacting... your graphics card causes that when its taxed too much or overheating, usually due to overclocking.

Try updating your driver and remember to clean out your graphics card with a can of air, that should help with the overheating. The dust can collect on the heatsink fins so much that the fan cannot circulate any air causing a drastic jump in temp.

If that still wont do anything then try UNDERclocking your graphics card slightly using either ATI-Tool or Coolbits 2.0 (for nvidia cards).
This link might be useful for your dad.... have him check this out.

[link=hyperlink url][/link]

This might help your artifacting problem but it might not, either way you should clean out your PC regularly.
nice, thanks man, ur right, the last time i cleaned m computer was like a year ago, that page really helps, but my dads a computer engineer so i think he already sort of knows it, lol, thanks though, I was just wondering what the problem could be

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