i can't get on dod:s!

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I downloaded xfire this morning, and now, when i click on day of defeat: source like I normally do to play it, nothing comes up.Do I need to delete xfire from my system? also, I need a new video card, is there someway I could get one without physically installing it, or do you have to unscrew the pc(im using a laptop)bottom and screw it into place or whatever?
You gotta get a desktop to play. School is starting soon ask your Mom and Dad for a computer that costs more than $800 and you will get everythign you need. An $800 computer should last about 4 years :)
Lol, BF2 is a longshot, but an $800 computer will definately get your DoD:S up and running flawlessly. I play BF2 flawlessly, but my computer was a lot more than $800 lol. :p
well i fixed my dods problem, i had to redownload and it took like 30 mins, but i got it done, and all i (hopefully) need to play bf2 is a better vid card, cus i emailed ea and sent them a diagnostic report and they said thats all i need. I think ive mention(maybe not) that if i get all A's for this six weeks, they will buy me the $80 vid card i need to play it. well, i g2g,
happy owning!
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