Computer on the fritz


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I've been trying to fix my computer for awhile now. I think it's a problem regarding memory or my XP software. When I'm in Day of Defeat, it locks up and I am forced to restart my computer (Unfortunately, I bet some people can testify to that). It'll take me awhile to play a very good game of Day of Defeat with you guys. I sincerely apologize.
Download SpeedFan and monitor your temperatures while you are playing.

There are a few possibilities here:

1. Overheating
2. Hardware Failure
3. Software / Driver Conflicts

I'd try and resolve as much as possible on the software level before moving on to checking hardware. Do a quick spyware scan and try updating sound card and video card drivers. If this fails, download a memory testing utility and run it over night.

Let me know what you find out and i will be glad to go into more detail.
Well, I was thinking about buying some new ram anyways. I have 512 MB, which is pretty bad. I think I need to reinstall XP. I used my computer restore disc the last time and I'm thinking that's one of the problems.
If you do buy more ram make sure you're buying the same exact timings as your old ram. Memory conflicts are an absolute pain to diagnose and fix.
I had the exact same problems, but at the time i had 3.5 gig.

Now i have a new mobo and i have 4gig and have not had a single issue yet
I'm just going to buy a one gig stick to put in the last PCI-bus. I still think that reinstalling Windows will solve the problem. I've owned this computer for four years. How could it be a memory problem if it stops working now?
It's not a memory problem, so I'm not going to bother finding out what type of memory I need or for that matter what goes into a PCI-Bus slot. My computer pretty much died, so I'm using a different one for the time being. For now, I'm probably going to find an upgrade somewheres. I'm not sure if I was correct saying PCI-bus slot. I'll get back to you on that.