[poll] How often do you run out of ammo?


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After playing dods, ive noticed how i have never actually needed extra ammo when i played.(except when I'm rocket) Ive been playing for a solid year now and was just wondering how often do u run out?



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I run out of ammo a lot when im on a killing spree but ussually I have enough


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I run out with the pistols because i usually unload a whole clip on someone when i shoot. I usually have enough for the rifles and other guns, I have run low for sniper on a good day a few weeks ago but i usually just give it out to people and never actually need it.


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i generally dont even get done with my first clip before i do sooo....i rarely run out of ammo....but when i do, i go balls to the wall with the knife!!!!...and then die...
Believe it or not... i've ran out to ammo for Rifle man... (and not the semi automatic m1 grade)

lol they never touched me ;P


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who needs ammo when your punching every1, right slayer. LOL :p slayer you punching hacker

hehe yeah dont run out of ammo much

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I used to while back when I played rocket...now I just run out with sniper and rushing classes...and then I pistol to death...or melee (rarely)