Summer is Here (for me)


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Wohoo summber is here.

My plans: Read 10 books and 13 poems for Summer reading.
Watch 2 A.P Bio related movies for summer project (godzilla and jurrasic park FTW!!!)
Play Tennis at this College Thing for 2 months.
Play DOD and hopefully get to battle Baron soon (wifi FTW)
SLeep and eat!!

So wat are your plans???


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Go to smokey mountains with fumples for about a week, play some dod, work, do a whole lot of summer work, play some dod, play some quake(if it comes out in time and is not delayed....splash damage wtf come on release it already), go to the beach and whatnot, possibly a concert.


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Read, practice for Jr. High band, DoD, eat, sleep, go to swimming classes, go to afternoon daycare...o_O...daycare??? Yea, daycare. =.=


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daycare killa? *snicker* uhhhh lets see t.v. dod sleep that is about every day. and i already read the books i needed to read :)
uuum. swim everyday for like 2 hours, play basketball, then tennis, play DOD :] um and yea go out with friends. oh and like work 2 days a week. :/
anyways summer is here for me in 3 days

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well since i am in new york , let see hmm
i plan to go to the Rockefeller tower in 2 weeks with my brothers , FISHING , FISHING!!!
goin to the statue of liberty and spend the day there
and when that is all done ,
Spend Godly amounts of hours on DoD


I've been off since the 12th, and I have to move into my new apartment on the 23rd. However, from the 18th to the 22nd, I'll be away camping and exploring with my friends. I'll have plenty of pictures to share with you guys when I get back from the camping trip!

Alas, I do have summer school: Introduction to Philosopy :(

I'm going to be a Philosopher, lol.


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Lets see

1.Work, I got a nightshift job, 10pm-6:30am, 40 hours a week

2.Wakeboard awwww yeah

3.Work, Im getting a second part time job driving a forklift 20 hours a week...

4.Party, my sister turned 21, nuff said,,,

5. Find time to sleep in between all the action...