DoD Movie


Our most latest movie post by SoMe Slavik DudE with no doubt was an excellent first step to makeing a mind blowing movie. Some of you loved it and some of you did not like it so much, either way i would like to hear some ideas you all would like to share.
the movie me and blazing are making? it will be about eGO no doubt...just still workin on the saying the rules...the ranks ...and so on
why are you starting a thread about the movie? i thought it was death and slavies deal...

:D he's a fan... (though i'd have to now watch out for paparazzii)
Actually there are me and Death, and slavik.

And me and Death actually never started a thread of the movie, 1st one was actual dod movie made my steam ( I think) and we just came up with the idea there, 2nd was to vote for the map...then came Slavik's commercial video thread (we asked him to do it with us) but he has had the idea for so much longer.

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