[poll] Whats your favorite Team?

I like both equally pretty much. I usually use the assault rifles and both sides have good ones.

PLUS, 2 nades!!!!!

Edit: Whoops... I meant Support.
Ha axis support owns so badly but the allied rifle is realy good and the mg is is more accurate but the axis assult is better than the allied..... And axus nades are better. :)
used to love the thompson but I despise it now. So it's the bar weapon all the way for me. Even if I'm axis I'll drop whatever weapon I have for the bar. Unless there is an mg about, I don't like being mg class but I don't mind the odd rampage with an mg I nicked.
i said axis cuz the rifles are awesome and the assault and support are good ....but the mg and rocket i dont like
axis only due to the rifle. its a sniper so a one hit kill most of the time and it has the crosshairs when not scoped in. plus i like the MP44 and its 30 round clip instead of the BAR 20 round.