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I have joined the server many times to find it stacked. In one game, I saw 5 EG(o) players on one team, against 4 americans, none of which were in any clans. The only person I people I have seen try to fix this in game are Lt. Waffle, and Dev. Today, it was C. Powell, D. Cheney, and Britkitty, though this is the first time ive seen Powell and Cheney, so I cant really say they do it ofte, though I have seen Brit do it at least three times recently. At last check, this clan was not designed to win at all costs.
That's true: we aren't out to win anything and everything. We simply try to keep it a positive, mature war playground circa 1944. Usually the clan trys not to stack the teams, as it does get a little overwhelming at times, but once in a while someone will suggest the idea and others will agree. It's usually only for a short time, or until the teams become uneven or VERY overwhelming. Some of us prefer Allies over Whermacht, some Whermacht over Allies. Personally I like them equally, since I simply know how to use each weapon on each side efficiently. If the problem persists when you are on the server again, just simply let us know, and we will come to an agreeable compromise.
What I notice is the teams are always stacked *toward the Germans, never against. And it happens consistently as I enter the game, and goes away over time.
You know Krakken, I was there, and it wasn't really stacking per say. Yes there where 3 eGO on one team, but the teams where even and it wasnt that the allies where getting slaughtered, it was that nobody on the allied team would grab flags. So thats what happened =P
I'm all for keeping the teams even skill wise, and we should try to keep it even. However, there are times that it's not a difference of skill, but attitude. I've played on the allies often when the teams are 'stacked', and a lot of times it's not a huge difference of skill causing the problem***. Sometimes the teams are really stacked skill wise, but it's not often the case where it's actually skilled people vs not. While I understand we should be the first ones to try to remedy the problem, we can't change the way other people think. The k:d ratio on lamed teams becomes null as well, on a camping team I'll have a 1:1 ratio or less at times, because of my teammates absence and not the skill of the other team.

*** I know this from experience, when I've got the sniper rifle trying to kill the axis mgs/snipers I'm flooded from every direction with assult and support from the axis by the 2nd flag apartment entrance. A team that is afraid won't advance, and I continously die because only one or two allies think it's not ok to camp behind the first flag. When only 1/4 or 1/2 of the team actually moves up, it's easy pickings for the opposing team to eat them alive. Numbers at that point don't matter in the least when only half the team shows up to fight. There are times where just being an extra body to shoot at could let me kill another 2 or 3 before I'd die. The end result is the good players on allies become extremely frustrated about dying as it's no longer fun, because campers that afraid are ruining the experience, not the other team having fun playing in a fashion that works. Also, when you play camp the first flag style, it automatically lets the enemy team come up to the first flag.
I see your point and never thought of it that way, but my main point still remains. A lot of the time, one team will have 3-5 clan players while the other team has 3-5 total. And for a mature clan where talent is unnecessary, your players are pretty <cuss word omitted> good.
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