Woot, another new card!


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Sup guys, i just got a new sound card. The Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Audio Card, so im all excited. It stomped everything in specs and reviews by customers and critics (including the Sound Blaster xfi Fatal1ty Pro series)

Does anyone have this card or know someone who does? I would like some more detail to get me pumped before it gets here lol.

maybe you send me your old parts :D

lol ebay my friend. Thats how i am paying for alot of this, i gutted my old comp and am selling everything in it for 50 more bucks than what its really worth lol. It's so old, no one has ever heard of them so ii put like a 1997 review and its all "This is amazing! Wooga wooga!"

And i sold a Dark eGO *(aka paintball gun) and got about a grand and a half off of that :)

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