hello eGO peeps

hey guys i just wanna post this to apologize. im not really able to participate that much in eGO affairs. its hard for me to participate in scrims and donate money to the servers. you see, i dont have dod at my home bcuz my computer doesnt meet the requirements of the game. therefore, i have to go to a computer store down the street from my school just to play this itand even thats hard cuz most of the time i dont have the money to buy time to play it. and im hardly ever home bcuz i mostly stay at my grandparents house and they dont have a computer so....its really hard for me. i just want to apologize to everyone for not really being involved as a good clan member. so sorry everyone, im trying
No need for an apology moose, you've already shown your class as a player. Just get on when you can so I can spade you in the face (lol/ jk)
Hmmm, you mean your grandparents don't have even one computer....If I had to live without a computer i would go insane..lol (Shows how good id be in one of those hippe communities).

Sorry to hear that though and I'll see you out there maybe at some point.

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