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well i was browsing youtube so i decided to look at greates Spccer Moments and i found this

Is a great Video with alot of history on it : )

oh and if you watch the hwole video the Golie that does the " Scorpion" Rene Higita Golie for colombia
And the guy who does that AMAZING free kick is my Favoryte soccer Player Roberto Carlos from Brazil
ya i dint even press ur a huge socer fan(go gunners) so i had already seen that. that carlos free kick is so sick.
(go gunners).



Red devil since 92. Best, Cantona, Schmeichel, Becks, Keano, Giggs, Rooney, Ronaldo FTW.
lol, well ive played soccer all my life, now im going to Clemson University, which is what is showed on my avatar because it is a big football school
some cracking goals there rojo. Wasn't too many like that this premiership season :(

and it's FOOTBALL not soccer, silly americans. You hardly ever kick the ball in american football, bah
DIEGO MARADONA FTW!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s. he was the best soccer player in the world, and my parents are from argentina too so that influences me a lot too)

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