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Ok guys I talked with council and they are letting me do this. I created a facebook group about eGO and if you guys want to join just pm me. the whole purpose is to form some closer bonds between us...

PS 1: This is NOT a mandatory thing to be a member of eGO(especially i know most of the e's are gonna ask me about it)

PS 2: PM me with your real name to get an invitation because its a closed group...

PS 3: If you have no idea what facebook is, it's myspace in an organized way(well its getting out of control with bunch of weird applications but still...)

PS 4: I have no idea why i'm using too much ...'s and where did this idea came to my mind.

THE LINK: http://hs.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2379554549
facebook is like myspace. its a place where you can keep in touch with friends from all over the world through one site. also you can have pictures, post links of movies, write blogs (they call them notes). i thinks its much better than myspace.

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