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Ok now that I have your attention. First off, I know I have only been here a few days. I really like this clan and am having ALOT of fun. Also let it be known that very very rarely am I the one to yell "TEAMS!!!", BUT.....

I have noticed on more than a few occasions that teams sometimes get VERY uneven, both in numbers and in skill. I do try, MOST of the time, to switch if needed and try to even them out. I think that when we are on OUR servers and teams let lop-sided, that perhaps we should make it a point to be the bigger men (and women?) and try and even them up. I noticed today on Strand, that I was on allies, there were I believe 12 people on Axis and only 5 on Ally. There were 5 eGO members who's names I wont call out, that were not only on the Axis, but were all dominating the top spots there. My team was crying TEAMS TEAMS!!! But NO one switched. I tried to tell them that, No one ever changes, even those crying about teams probably wouldn't change if they were over there. If I am on the worse team I usually try and wait it out and have fun. But then I started thinking, Wow, how much bull is that, that these eGO guys are just sitting there letting it happen. So I guess I am QQing a little about it but it did get on my nerves to see that.

I think that we as a community should try and make the game fun and fair for everyone. Be the responsible person and change teams if you see it happening. Thanks for reading!



Yeah, I've seen this happen too. There are a few eGO members who always seem to play Axis. And one in particular will comment on keeping the teams even but won't switch over. After a while you see people just start leaving in droves because the Allies keep getting stomped and that isn't any fun. It is frustrating but what can you do? I enjoy playing the Allies but sometimes it's hard to keep the motivation to stay. I will say that it makes it that much sweeter to actually win the round though.

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Yeah i understand what your saying, honestly sometimes i just ask for teams to even out if i am on the bigger team, if nothing happens i will move over and ask others to do, or others will ask me aswell, if still we are outnumbered i just use 'i will move people over until teams are even' as a threat (i have yet to do this) and generally teams will even out!


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I've encountered this problem quite often, it bothers me that this is a maturity based clan yet we are to self-centered to switch to the other team and give some assistance. It annoys me even more when its the people who slave over their rank and only help their team if it benefits their rank. I really like to keep my rank up, it gives me something to work for and adds purpose to the game, but i never become so concerned that I can't let other people enjoy the game because of stacked up teams.


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I keep on telling you guys, but you refuse to do it.

If there is a problem with an admin on the server, PM A MEMBER OF COUNCIL AND GIVE THE NAMES OF THE ADMINS IN THE PM !!

The minute all of you start to do that, the admins will know there is someone looking over their shoulder and they'll smarten up.

Right now, the bad admins think they are teflon since nobody seems willing to do that.

Get with the program people. You're customers of the servers, act like it... complain when admining is less than you expect.


I see this a lot. But I also see a lot of eG and eGO who switch sides multiple times a game to try and keep it even. I can understand not wanting to switch teams, usually the main reason the other team is short players is because your team is kicking butt. And I want to say most of the time that's happening it's because there's a lot of teamwork going on. I play for the teamwork, I love a lot of good chatter going on. Usually, but not always, those losing teams are quiet and I know that's a factor that keeps me lazy sometimes. Although theres a lot of pride in joining the losing team and being able to help turn the tide.


Yeah, I understand your point of view Currahee. I am talking more about from a skill stand point than anything. Usually ridiculously stacked teams numbers wise don't last too long. But there are times when the skill aspect is soooooo off balance and everyone fails to act. I don't mind when its a slight disadvantage at all. That happens and always will happen. But when its so bad that the better team wins over and over and the losing team doesn't last 2 minutes on a flag cap map or doesnt blow up a single objective, and in the case I was in before I started this thread...when your team doesnt even make it off the beach in strand....there is a srs problem.


Well today there was an eG in Donner yelling TEAMS, TEAMS, it was 14 to 16, their team had 14 and guess what, THEY WERE WINNING! I told them the teams were fine, come on, 16 to 14 and the lower team was ahead! In the case of the original poster, that was valid, but just be careful of being a few players off either way.


i understand if ppl whines about teams if theres like 5+ more/less on some side for few rounds.. but u know u cant allways win, im kinda annoyed about it that ppl whines teams after they have lost 1 round and are 2 player less than other team.. its not about amount of players, its about teamwork, with good teamwork u can do alot.. ;() and then again if ur side has 5 more players who r playing "rambos".. well.. ;s

well thats just my opinion.

(and again bad english but cant really focus on writing when so tired. heh.)


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im always on donner, so i see that alot too. so thats why people mostly see me on the axis side because allies are usually stacked. but when its time to switch, i do my part, im always constantly changing teams every day im in there, so i never bunker down with one weapon for a very long time. when the time comes, most ego members will switch to even the teams out.

but you also have to remember another thing, its not all ego people, non ego players come into the severs too, and they go overboard with their stats. and most people want to be on the winning team, so they tend to stack alot. and another thing, the weapons, some prefer allied weapons over axis, and same for the reverse side. and some just dont want to part with them :p

well, when it comes down to it, eG and eGO's i usually see change over if teams are uneven, and i also do it, my score and rank dont matter to me, just having fun is XD

and i dont care what people say, 2 extra people does not make a difference in strength, i have won countless times like that, and defended objects in strand.

but, if no one wants to change teams i always say this, "their not stacking, they just need more help :p" or "thats ok, this gives more people to kill". start thinking like that, and you will enjoy dod more :p

and besides, if the teams are really stack, i pick up the mg, and give them one hell of a time to try and win, havent failed me yet, defended with the mg on flags, only lost a couple of times.


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im with fatty on this most of the time there are so many people entering/leaving the servers the teams are almost never even and when a team is down 2 or 3 people it doesnt make that big of a difference also because of the amount of traffic i also believe that its mostly teamwork that wins the games w/ good dose of luck if the other team is down 2 guys i wont switch cuz in 10 seconds it'll be even again plus usually i try and weasel outta it cuz i hate the german team go americans woohoo
Whatever it takes to makes the people in a eGO server happy. Again, I don't switch teams if it is uneven by 2 guys. Only if the other team has alot of unskilled players. Most of the time when I play everything is alright.
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I remember Slayrs post about this, he said somthing about if the teams are uneven by about 3 - 4 players he would leave it. Unless they were getting beat bad. I stand by that, i dont like players who shout over voice, chat whatever "TEAMS! TEAMS" it's annyoing.


For a map like Strand, it's very important to keep the team balanced as much as possible. As well as many of us know, 12 v 5 allies isn't gon get em off the beach lol. The only reason people tend to stay with axis is because they are lazy and rather have allies come to them. It's no effort camping in axis with an mg in place. There's a sort of inbalance when it comes to mental teamwork. More effort with allies, virtually no effort in axis. I know this because I've been playing strand for 5 months straight and you need a lot of verbal communication to coordinate ur teams off the beach and to the detonate. For maps such as Donner and Strand, it's feasible but it's not as detrimental as Strand.


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It is impossible to know what someones skill level is going to be when they join the server. and for me, I know that my level of "skill" depends on the other players in the server, and their skill levels.
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