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hey folks, ive got some files here on my parents comptuer that i need to get to my computer about 200 miles away. no cd burner and the floopy drive doesnt work on this one (yeah, its bad, i know). does anybody know of a site online that i could upload the stuff to until i get back down to school. Thanks
hey fuzzy, i think i know one site its it says that its 9.95 for 5 gbs. idk alot on this subject . maybe there are cheaper sites so you check it out :)
Yeah I always email it to myself or use a flash drive when I need to get files back and forth from place to place, it works really well for small files but bigger ones are a little harder :D
If anyone ever needs any storage just ask me. I have 60 gigs of storage on my website.
sweet, thanks kendle. i tried emailing it too myself but it was too big, and i lef tmy flash drive down at A&M so i was out of luck. next time ill just hit up kendle :)
I've never moved (lived in the same town for 15 years.), so I don't know much about how to get large files from one comp to another other than CDs and stuff, or I would have helped :p
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