i hate dod more and more every day


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When i first started playing DoD i thought it was the best thing that ever happened in terms of online shooters, now i am getting more and more agitated. Why? The allied Thompson is why.

How do i keep getting killed by single 112 damage leg shots? Today i died 6 times by single shot 120 damage chest shots? A rifle is the only weapon that has this kind of power. And just for comparison as an axis support using the stg44 a leg/arm hit and a chest hit combined do 88dmg? I wasn't aware the Thompson was such a high caliber weapon.

And no I'm not sour, i have no problem being killed by someone that's better than me. I used to live with the fact that Thompson's have an innate luck modifier for head shots, but now this?
i think thompsons are great guns and do good damage. plus it might just be a glitch or somthing. a guys hit a guy in the head with a shovel and did 750 damage. so things happen like that.
the thompson is great and it shoots lots of bullets per second. so like outbreak said it was prob more than 1 shot.
yea its not always you see a guy shooting 1 bullet at a time at a enemie with a thompson. i also agree with outbreak and blindsfell.
If you get hit and then hit again a few minutes later that second shot will register more cause you're damaged. DoD can be frustrating but you gotta forget about the K/D ratio and just go for caps. You die, who cares. But if you get the winning cap then you actually win.

With regards to the weapon frustration, you HAVE to aim high. DoD seriously rewards for aiming high with the assaults.

Jaysika - I know how you're feeling. I have like 20 screenshots of my death info from a single shot accounting for 100+ damage (I was mad and taking screens of it :))...but it's always from a shot before softening you up...even if the on-screen death info doesn't say it. Look at your console for the real info.
I don't believe it's a problem with dod but rather the plugin. I've noticed the same thing, but, when I pull down console, it says i was shot multiple times. The thompson is not a 1-shot weapon. Next time you notice that oddity, pull down console and check the attacker's log..

(attackers are beneath the ------------------ line)
Yea gotta hate that thompson and yes the gun can be a 1-shot weapon when it hits the head which is like 95% of the time.
it could be a combo of residual damage, if its realistic, and really any weapon in DOD should be able to be a 1 shot kill, depends on where you're hit etc..I have noticed that if one aims high, like the head area, one can get more kills, especailly if you're squaring off with someone else that's also firing. Keep firing and keep moving!
Your also forgetting that not all shots hit clean some shots can just graze the skin. I did learn though that the femur bone is the most painful to break maybe your getting hit there lol.
I personally think that the Thompson is very good at shooting a circle around the enemy that you want to kill. As far as wierd shots, I shot a guy in the back with the German pistol and did 141 damage in one shot. It was the most insanely unexpected shot that I have ever took, but I don't know the physics and damage calculations that Valve does so I may have hit him in that one lucky shot.

Kinda like in Halo 2, if you melee someone in their right leg, they die instantly regardless of their shield status. Who knows...
And no I'm not sour, i have no problem being killed by someone that's better than me. I used to live with the fact that Thompson's have an innate luck modifier for head shots, but now this?

It's no better with other classes. Picture this. You're a sniper in the allied room staking out the churchtop. A player pops up to toss a nade. You get a snap shot and get him in the groin or upper leg.

It's only a wound. In real life that guy would have been toast.

Thompson....pepper a guy in the chest at close range....he not only survives but kills you.

MG.....you nail a running player at close range and virtually by all rights cut his legs off. He survives to knife or shovel you.

Rifle....again at close range, a great shot to the chest.....he survives to kill you.

Meh....they all have moments when they are as effective as a wet noodle.

...and we won't even get into how every single %^&*(^%%$ shot from a pistol is a guaranteed kill!
Well not all shots will register or register correctly on the damage mod when you die. It takes what it has and displays that, is not always accurate. Thompsons just shoot so fast it may seem like you are getting shot once, but its really multiple times.
So why are you complaining? I'm pretty sure that no one cares about how many time you got killed with a thompson that has been in Dod since day 1