Prototype Zero

I made one post
howdy, been having fun on the donner server for last couple of days and have spent some time browsing the forums.
anyway just between playing sessions and wanted to make sure i finally got set up on the forums.
welcome zero. just in case you're interested in joining our little family here, check out JohnT's Recruiting Office, read the stickies and leave a post there. see you on donnor.
ya i did some major browsing threw the forums before i threw in my first post, looks like the clan runs a lot like some of y privious ones, so its easy for me to go along with server rules. i may need to peek at the ava and kalt server before i get serious about tossing the =(e)= tag on. woukld be my first time applying to a clan that has servers on a fixed map rather than a rotation.

well need to take my eagle out for a walk ( he is my main reason for going afk while playing)