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Post your opinions on the matter. :)

My two top favorites or NOD32 and Bitdefender, they are byfar the most protective and include only software you will actually need. (Thats how I see it anyways) I believe NOD32 and Bitdefender have both been rated some of the best out there... I'll try and cite that.

Personally... Norton Symantec... and McAffe are all bloatware... They do things that just get in the way and include things that you will never need and if you do, prolly won't work.

"NOD 32 is rated as 1 of the top. That's true, but....it takes an advanced user to configure it. Someone that has experience configuring Security Software. AVG is good and is user friendly for beginners. I have used alot of AV Clients testing them. Stay away from Norton. It use to be the best but now it's just "BloatWare". Full of crap you'll never need or use plus it loads all kinds of junk into your Services that slows down your rebooting and overall PC performance. I am currently using Bit Defender9 Internet Sercurity which gives you the options of installing a Firewall, AntiSpam, AntiSpyware, Parental Control, and of course the Anti Virus Shield. Bit Defender came out as number 1 in PC Magazines AV Tests for May. Leo Laporte from "Call for Help" on Tech TV also highly recommends both NOD32 and BitDenferder. Hope that helps." - Phasers (RevoTT)


[link=http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,130869/article.html]PC World Review Chart of Anti-Virus Software Better Page[/link]
i use avg and super anti spyware. They are both great. My step dad had the windows spyware removal on his computer but was still causing him problems. So i installed super anti spyware and it found over 70 components. So its a very good program. search for it on Download.com.
Ill add Bullguard. :)
And I think Kapersky is like.... second to best. I've never used it... Been meaning to buy it.

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Sophos Anti-Virus Module it will slow down your computer a little bit but its the best thing tahts happend. i usualy install then uninstall afater a scan every day. it keeps my computer off adware and nothing touches it! it scans EVERYTHIng so when u go to sleep haev it scan.
For those that have done the research, NOD32 is overall the best one available. As much as I hate to suggest it because I hate how it roots itself in your system, Norton is probably a good second. I used to always use AVG, but after reading all I have on what it doesn't even detect, I'm not so comfortable recommending it.
ZoneAlarm is dependable, but it has it's problems. It's hard to customize some options, and sometimes you can never really tell if it's blocking your internet or something else is.

Norton caused problems for me when I tried deleting programs. But that was a few years back. Mcaffee is pretty simple to use.
There's an excellent FREE one that isn't on the list. Called AntiVir:


It is FREEEEEEE and automatically updates itself.

Same with AVG, but it doesn't catch everytihing. Mnay things get by it and you never know.
[quote1182282081=Outlaw Programmer]
I don't run a/v software.


lol i wouldnt be saying that around a bunch of people who have an ip address
[quote1182282081=Outlaw Programmer]
I don't run a/v software.


lol i wouldnt be saying that around a bunch of people who have an ip address
like an anti virus would do something if someone tryed to hack u lol not even a firewall would do much but to make the whole thing a bit longer ;)

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