Cool 80's music videos

Baron Rojo

EGO Is My Life!
well the name says it all , i also like the 80's and early 90's Rock ! alot and i been looking at video on youtube since this morning so ill post a few
And if you guys find any cool 80's music vidoes put them here : ) ( Men At Work : who can it be now) (Men At Work : Land Down Under)
i had to put this here (devo : Whip it) (R.E.M : losing my religion) (R.E.M : Happy People) (queen : Bohemian Rhapsody) ( queen : killer queen ) ( queen : Another one BItes)

well i would keep posting but is your turn now!
killer queen and whip it are the best
mostly because killer queen is a good song but whip it is good and it has an amzing music video lol - Pointer Sisters - I'm so excited (possibly the best song eva?) - Wham - Wake me up before you go go - St Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) - John Parr - Easy Lover - Phil collins - Spandau Ballet - True - Brother Beyond - He aint no competition - (you probably won't have heard of these) - big fun - Can't shake the feeling

Pure 80s classics there, you gotta watch em
I could go on forever baby!