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i dont know why but yesterday i was playing and with no reason or warning i was kicked. then i tried to go back onto the game it said i was timed-out. Does anyone know how long this will last or if it was anything i did or what?
usally some times out when they are in spect. and dont do much so they time out ....but i dont know how that happened
when you get "timed out" its usually a problem with your internet connection. but it only lasts for a little while so as soon as it happens just try to get back in.
i just tried now and it still says that even though it happened yesterday. all of the servers in the game do not work either. sometimes ill get in for like 10 seconds and then it will say "client timed out"
how long will it do this? or is it permanent??
this might sound a little complicated. exit out of steam. then go into your computer, c drive (or whatever your harddrive is named with steam), then open program files, steam, once in the steam folder you should see 2 files that are .blob files. both of these can be deleted with out any kind of effect except fixing 90% of all steam problems. just delete them both. then start steam back up. you should have to do an update then everything should work fine for you. if this doesnt make sense to you add me to your xfire thesnake2121. ill walk you through it.

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