Zombie Mod

I don't know about a zombie mod for Day of Defeat. DoD is a very serious game and I think zombies will just ruin it for me. I don't mind zombies on Counter Strike, however.
From reading the forums is seems kinda buggy. Maybe one of us (not me since I don't know how) could re-code/debug it.
I spent most of my CSS time on the zombie mod until I found DOD. It can be pretty good as long as there isn't any tube campers, bad people. Though I think we don't need one for DOD really, that one in the link doesn't sound as good as the CSS zombie mod anyways.
What would be bad about it being on DOD is that its respawn when you die after awhile but if they could think of something then aggred.
A tip for all Gm players is the zombie survival gamemode where you can choose different zombieclasses ( and they look like the different zombies in hl2).
well since you are scared of zombies rocket chump...


scary zombie aggh! %-6