[poll] Fallout 3

I know this isn't news, but I want to know what Fallout fans think of what Bethesda is doing to the series. In case you don't know, there was a preview in the latest Game Informer [it's the cover story] and there is a teaser trailer here: http://fallout.bethsoft.com/ [The classic power armor is back!]

I think that Fallout 3 will be good. I was never impressed by the elder scroll series until Oblivion came out. Apparently the same team is working on Fallout 3, and to those skeptics, they are going to do their best to not make it just 'Oblivion with guns' and make it a true Fallout game for the next generation. I believe they are bringing it into Real time [as well as 3D] instead of turn based; which means they are going to overhaul the gameplay completely [A jump like Resident Evil- Resident Evil 4] but they are going to keep they entire mythos, universe, and feel of Fallout intact. The artwork and screenies look impressive, and the Game Informer article makes me feel that Fallout will have a good revitilazation. What do you all think?

And to those who don't know what Fallout is;If you enjoy a good RPG, do yourself a favour and pick up a copy from eBay. It and it's sequel still hold up well for a 10 year old game; even if the tech is a little rusty.
um nvr heard of it
Hop onto eBay [or amazon or whatever] and find a copy. Fallout is a role playing game set quite sometime after almost all of earth went up in nuclear flames. The sequel is something like 80 years after the first; both are good but you gotta hand it to the original for introducing us to the world. They play similar, but of course there are improvements and changes in 2. I have a feeling that Fallout3 is going to be somewhere in between the first and second, judging by similarities to the originals opening cut scene [The radiation king, what they show in the background, as well as the classic brotherhood of steel power armor]
i got stuck on 2

then i uninstalled it because i found out my guy was to stpuid to comunicate on where i had saved it eariler.

its kinda funy though when u talk ugdh ughlkjg.