here is a great alternative/punk band


EGO Is My Life!
this band i had nvr heard of b4. they came to my school and now theyre liek my 2nd fav band (behind the legendary blink-182 and my chemical romance). here is the link to their myspace page,,check them out:
oh and i love their song Sacramento, CA becuz that is where i was born and live! also they were from sac town too.
omg!!help me!! my ears r bleeding!!! Do not click that link u will die!!! do not click captains cope omg call 911!!
lol um no i hate country
sigh you are all so mis-guided. So much angst. So little taste.
Go get yourself a beer, turn on some Hank Williams or hank Williams jr. and revel in this thing called music. Ugly, sweaty, femmy guys screaming into mics while three whole chords are played really fast over and over doesn't make music. It DOES, however, agitate God and me.

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