[poll] Children On the Servers.

Now, According to the makers of DOD and Counter Strike, These are mature games and should not be purchased or played if you are under 17. According to EGO's server policy, "Thou shalt not cuss" because Children maybe present. So, are we encouraging children to play with a no cuss policy? Or are we ensuring Adults are so courtesy, that the very words would discourage all who play these games. Sad to say, in WAR, there is death and cussing, its natural to show your pure emotions. Even a video game that promotes the destruction of another human, we are told we can't show any emotion.

Now, I'm quite the Salty bastard, I have a foul mouth, but I don't talk to mother with this mouth. Maybe you should have our mothers' monitor the servers, so that we don't cuss?

I'm trying to be comical, so Take this post tounge in cheek, assuming using the word Tounge and Cheek aren't cuss words, racist, or offensive.

If you are reading this post, then you are at odds with your passion for gaming. You are saying to yourself, "WHY GOD, WHY ARE THEY SINGLING ME OUT!?!?!" It's because, you are immature, you are underage, you shouldn't be thinking of WAR in a fun way, it's not pretty, even in a video game. It's destructive, it will make you crazy, you may hold up a store, or run, naked thru your school with an assault rifle, all because someone didn't let you show any emotion in a video game depicting violent and offensive content.

Ok, time to REALLY spice this post up... Sadly, I've lost my train of thought, and put it to you, oh friendly readers, so voice your opinions, let the world know, why have been offended, are not allowed to be yourself, have been cussed at, or feel you need to be cussed at, have been forgotten and need some love, realize that DOD and CS and whoever freaking made these games should be told where to go. This is your moment of fame... Make Bubba proud, and babble away.
Bubba, you got to remember that many of us, including the ones who run this clan are family men/women now. That means a large portion of the community has kids. Honestly, I don't want my little one hearing a bunch of curse words coming out of my computer from the next room over.

There is also the issue that many members of the community are under 16. The game is rated M, but that does not stop many parents from buying the game for their kid. eGO has had a no-cuss policy from day one and that will likely never change.

Besides, if you feel you need to cuss to express yourself, you probably need a larger vocabulary.
look, we dont have the maturity rules on the servers to cater to children. We have them because we, as a clan, are mature players and dont like immature children using bad language and insults.

I agree that children under 18 should not play this game because of its mature rating. but, as an avid dod player since i was like 14, i have always been able to handle the graphics and realism and not take them literally. For instance, i dont view this as WAR, because it is not WAR, its a game depicting a war.

If you feel it is completely necessary to curse while you play, then maybe this clan is not for you. We take pride in our server rules and our maturity standards.

edgegamers FTW!
I dont get the idea that many seem to have, that the first sign of maturity is to be able to curse, swear, and refer to obscure body parts with no shame. You know, if you dont use those words and talk on those subjects, its obvious you're a little 8 year old with his soccer mom watching over his shoulder telling him not to say such words. No, as a matter of fact, some of us, like me, prefer to have a clean mouth and mind, as best I can, and for that reason I love the eGO servers. I'm 18, and technically i can say whatever the heck I want, and nobody would be the wiser as far as my family goes. Yet I dont. I do not want to speak like that, nor hear it. I prefer to not listen to a pottymouth talking about what he did last night to my mom.
I love being able to play, chat and spam with other players, without having to listen to some 9 year-old (or 19 year old) telling me to go suck something because I killed him twice in a row.
We at eGO prefer to run a clean server, and if you object, well, DoD has thousands of active servers. Go play in the gutter, if that suits you're mouth, or stay here, play here, and abide by the rules. Its all one and the same to me.

So yeah, I think thats both parts of our side. OutbreaK kindly provided one, and there's the other.
lol bubba. You can swear and curse all you want on eGO servers... just don't hold down the transmit button when you do it.
lol bubba. You can swear and curse all you want on eGO servers... just don't hold down the transmit button when you do it.
hahaha yeah. You can even type it, just dont hit y or u before you type. xD
Yes and no. I, myself, am not 17 and wont be until another whole year [I turn 16 in August] but Maturity isn't always based on age. My parents understand that I am able to determine whats right and wrong in the real world compared to a virtual world, and as long as I'm not doing anything illegal, don't care if the games and movies I watch have gratuitous nudity,violence, or language simple because they are fiction. If parents aren't sure what content their children's mind can handle, it's probably best to keep to the age game and not let them play M rated titles until they are 17. I joined this clan because of the 'maturity' aspect; having a fun game and not caring about how much I suck and having people yell in AOL speak. However, when it comes to things like language and such; I myself have been known to swear a bit myself when I'm frustrated [though it's far from a verbal tick] and at the same time I am almost never offended when someone swears. While it can get annoying when it's 'F' every other word; I don't think language is all that harmful, and there are things that kids will see and hear regardless of a servers rules if the parents aren't willing to monitor their children. I think it's a good rule for the people playing on the eGO servers because it shows some respect for the parents; though most parents that allow their children to play a game like DODs [even though there are much worse selections out there in terms of blood and gore] probably don't mind some language in the game.

I'm not a parent; so I probably don't have the best experience, but as someone who studies psychology and other things; Maturity comes with mentality not always age. The only time where it counts is in the early years, I'd say before they turn 10 or 11. By that age; I believe if they have been raised right, children should now be able to determine right from wrong and can play a game like DODs and know that picking up a rifle and going for a headshot is wrong. If they are still learning however, it is best to wait till they are older; but if they still can't determine on their own that violence in real life is wrong, then there is simply something wrong with them; it does not apply to the majority.
I agree highly with everyone so far, the reason I was intrigued by this clan was cause of the no punk policy, it seemed different and smart. A way to get rid of the rif-raf. Since I joined I have never had a dispute with another clan member due to the fact that the rules set by the council prohibit all dumb and ignorant arguments. I personally curse outside of DOD but when its appropriate, not around my nephew's or parents or for that matter my grandparents its a respect thing and a maturity thing if you are not able to express your self completely with out using profanity then my friend a bigger vocab you should find.

eGO rules (the clan not the rank lol)
lol our servers help produce non-foulmouthed kids!!!!!

hah i mean no harm im just kidding ;D

intresting thought thoug
I agree 100% with aquafresh: cuss all you want, just keep it to yourself. I drop the F-bomb at least thirty times a game, throw crap...the usual anger outburst, just keep it yourself, we all have emotion.
hey man..i am only 15 and when my mum walks behind me and heas a swear word or innapropriate spary. she aint gonna let me play this game. that is why i chose this clan. the servers, people, and rules are great. so if u dont like them maybe you should do wut toothpaste told u to do.
"Sad to say, in WAR, there is death and cussing, its natural to show your pure emotions. Even a video game that promotes the destruction of another human, we are told we can't show any emotion."

You have to understand bubba, in war if you get shot in the chest you are done, you lay there bleeding, hoping that this is not the end for you. In DoD:S however you get killed and respawn within 15 seconds. In war any moment could be the last moment you are alive and that is why soldiers are affected by war. Do not compare a video game where you get angry about getting sniped to war where your friends get killed and you have to accept that you could die any time. my uncle fought in vietnam and to this day will not tell me what happend to him during the war, it still affects him. So if ur point is correct then in 35 years you will still be distraught about the time when you got shot trying to capture a german flag in donner.

And about the maturity, it shows respect for the other people you are playing with, the admins, and the clan that runs the server, they work hard to keep it up so that people can come in and play, so there is no need to swear.
no offense to any1's ideas....i used to swear alot b4 i joined a cod clan that is very mature and it made me think why do i get so mad while playing...so now i just sit back and if sum1 starts a fight with me...i just let my skills do the talking(even tho most of u guys are better than me anyways) :p
Guys, if you read the very top of our page (even this one), it says "A mature gaming clan". That says it all.
B I don't want my little one hearing a bunch of curse words coming out of my computer from the next room over.

I had the same complaint on TS, where a few of the older guys would really get into it. They didn't give a crap that some of the kids on TS were 12-13. Most of them complied with the directive to tone it down at least when the kids were around.
There is one thing that noone has touched on. The youth are the future of our favorite game people!! The kids!! Yes we have a varitey of ages here at eGO but the kids are whats going to keep our game going. As for the language rule we wanted to make eGO seprate ourselfves from the rest. Patterned after my old clan, A no cursing punk-free server. You can join any server anywhere and hear cursing. Which will stand out more in your memory. A server where you are to watch you language and atitude or a server where you can do whatever?
If you take this GAME so seriously that you scream curse words into the mic then maybe you shouldn't be playing. The admins won't ban you if you accidently say hell but if you repeat it over and over again. It is not war and is not supposed to represent war but it is supposed to be fun. This game won't train you to be a soldier or make you bring a gun to school or anything like that. And if worse comes to worst and you really wont to curse just go to a different server.... you won't be missed.