wireless internet....HELP PLZ

i have wireless internet and i just moved and am getting resettled.....but my signal is rly low its a good signal but its just rly low compared to what it was at b4...........is there like a range of how far u should be away from it?
Umm... yes? It also depends on whats between you and the router. Say there is a bunch of steel or iron (doubtful) between you and the router... the signal would be low. Sheetmetal reeks havoc too..
wait a minute..i have wirless link system too. and my 2ndsat is like lagging like crazy during the game and my router or wutever(the main one) dosent lag.
hrmm like a refrigerator and a micro and a oven so its quite a bit of steel but its being moved but the signal isnt to bad anymore...i got it so i got my 50-68 ping in game
You can also add high gain antenas to your router and network card. If you do make sure your network is secured properly because you can shoot your signal pretty far with good antenas.

What others said about radio-dense objects being in the line of sight will also effect your ability to connect.

Some routers and wireless cards have power settings in the software. Turn it up....
are you using a laptop with intergrated or external, or using a comp that has a wireless reciever by it?

EDIT: mainly what is your setup?
Wireless is usually not reliable enough for gaming. Run a cat 5 wire through the house. There are some wire routers you can buy to make it look neat.

Edit: Let me be more specific. I'm talking about the little horseshoe shaped things you can stick to walls.
yeah 2 feet usually no difference and Dominion i dont even have a clue about the horseshoe shaped things yuo're talking about ... but then again ive rarely used wifi