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So, I am going to get a new graphics card. But I want to get a good one and am willing to spend a little bit of money....not a ton but some. Based off my cpu specs what would you say I should get?

AMD ATHLON 64 3700+ 939PIN
2-512MB PC3200 PC400 DDR
XMIDIA GF 6800XT 256MB PCI-E (This is my Current Card)
i have an nVidia GeForce 7700 with SLI technology it works great because it is two graphics cards connected and its 512mb
You have two 7700s? Or one graphics it a PCI-E? What frame rate do you get? Settings in DoD? Thanks for the reply ELF.
i have a NVidia 7950 GT 512mb SLI. its a great card love it!!! im going to be getting another one soon.
What frame rate should I expect with the 7950? How does it handle in a big firefight with many players on the screen?
heres my specs
5200+ amd x2 am2 socket
2g ram
asus mobo sli deluxe
7950 gt
i get about i average 95 fps. when the server is full. and alot of killing going on.
ya i love that card its awsome card
thats what im getting i swear to you i can even proove it if you want
I've got the XFX heatpipe 7950 gt card and get on average 95 fps @ 50 C* I use 1024 by 768 res. I have everything on high but I turn off aa and the light thingy.
what power supply do you have? min on this is like 400w
OCZ GameXStream 750w its nice !
if your going to upgrade your Vid card. you might have to upgrade your power supply cause with out enough power your comp will crash during games.
im going to buy another one cause i have sli even though one is good enough
I actually decided on the 8600 GTS.


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