any one in need of a mobo?


I have a used ASUS M2N32SLI-Deluxe Wireless Motherboard and i don't need it anymore more. $130 free shipping!!!
i would buy it if it wasnt what i already had and 130 bucks lol

yea dye...u and ur little pimped computer...full of new hardware...BAH! i hate you!!! :mad:

i secretly love you...
i was going to buy that one but the one i have is the version with 2 pci e 8x (if both cards or 1 slot at 16x) and is wireless and works good but saving up for laptop, at 200 out of 1150
Eh if I had the money I'd get it and upgrade from my poor A8n SLI premium. 939 is showing it's age. For the record the Asus sli boards are really pretty nice overclockers if you don't need the customization of a DFI board. I took my X2 3800+ from 2.0 ghz to 2.9ghz and have had it there for about a year now with no ill side effects.