Westboro Baptist Church

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I don't know if anybody has ever heard of this group of so called "christians" but they are the ones who picket soldiers funerals. They basically condemn everyone except for the people in there church. I live in Rockport,TX right on the coast. About 35 miles away is Corpus Christi and some church members almost flew down here from KS to picket it. What the crap is that about? Luckily they didn't and the soldiers funeral was not interupted.
blast some Slayer and Slipknot and if u have to Cannibal Corpse, to scare them away, thats wut i do when jehovahs witnesses come knockin at the door:p
thats crazy...and you might consider what I say prejudice but I think thats down right disrespectful and they should all of been thrown in jail or something
come on man, not all christians are like that, even though im an atheist, there is still an extent to my hatred man, you cant say all christians like that. But yes, i have seen some people do things like that and i think its very wrong but please, dont judge a whole entire group because a couple people.

Let others beleive in what they want to, and all you gotta do, is just see it, decide if you will join or not, and if you dont, just stay out of it
I would get my scoped kar and make one side of their head 10 feet away from them splattered on a fellow picketers sign lol
I am deeply Presbyterian and we do not believe any of that crap. They hate homosexuals, America, Canada and everybody else. They are more or less Nazis.
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