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I and the rest of council will be watching our members that are going the extra mile and spend a good deal of time in KALT!!! Yes i saild KALT!! This map is our new map and we are trying to fill it up. So our eyes will be on KALT!!
i like it but admin just kick me for no reason i like it casue i have favorite sniping spots and people alwasy come from behind to mg me so that means im a big threat yahhhhh lol ;)
ever since kalt was named official map i play more there than i do ava and donnor now, luv the map set-up and tactics to cap flags
Ok, I agree, the tunnels are fun when you have a good squad running with you, 2 assaulters, 1 support and an MG for cover, now that's my idea of a good time, getting dirty in the sewers.

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