EGO Is My Life!


Yeah we annihilated you e's back into submission. Good luck next time...
We almost had them towards the end, when we were getting middle and we had all of the other flags capped and we were about 0.5sec away from winning and they blocked middle (I'm not sure who it was who blocked it). But hey it sure was fun.
actually, it means nothing, because There we're so many of us that couldn't get into the server, I'm sure we could have brought the pwnage right back. Next time you do a scrim, how about setting up two servers so that those of us who couldn't even come in and spectate have a place to play and some bragging rights.
Eh you only won because you stuck yourselves on axis for two rounds. As I recall we wiped the floor with you on round one. Had we swapped back to axis we all know my amazing ability to camp with an MG would have prevailed. Again. ;)
Next time, lets scrim at another map, AVA is too lopsided in my opinion. It was still fun and intense though! Looking forward to the next one!