better than the abc game.... wish game

Prototype Zero

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hope you guys remember all those old monkey paw stories... remember guy gets to make wish but in making his wish come true something bad happens that he hadnt counted on. ie ) you wish to be the best dod player in the world, wish granted, epic games comes out with unreal ww2 you are now the only person playing dod due to the new games popularity.

anyway the game is simple you get to mess up the previous guys wish and then make a wish of your own.

my wish is to have the ability of flight very clasic
But sadly during your first flight, you are shot down by german anti aircraft guns and become a vegetable in a hospital bed...

So then i was granted my wish of 10 billion dollars!
unforunately...the 10 billion dollars were actually 10 billion DOLL HAIRS!!!!.....

so i got my wish of being able to stop time...heheheh u have no idea wut im doin rite now