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I guess, most people figured out the right choice in the Poll.

We are considering adding the word "Teams" to the swear filter. So many people use it when they shouldn't. It's so annoying to hear someone whine when the teams are 17-15 or 16-14 or 10-8.

When the next person joins the server, they will have to join the team with the fewest players. The game usually balances out.

Also if the teams are 17-15, and some one squeals about "TEAMS!" usually four or five people switch sides. Which makes the teams lopsided the other way. How annoying is that?

One legitimate time to use "Teams" is when one side is dominating the other and it starts to kill the server. You get five quick caps in a row and people will start leaving. It's the nature of the beast. Then it might be best to switch things up a bit.

No one said life is fair. That is not one of the inalienable rights. So occasionally the teams will be out of balance. The best thing to do is dig in and hold your ground until you get some reinforcements. Thats what the paratroopers did and still do.
Ditto John, I get really annoyed personally every 5 seconds TEAMS ! when its only like a 1 or 2 player difference and theres already 2 specs. Man up and deal with it for the 2 mintues it lasts for!

Sorry, had to put my 2 cents in. Yes it's a poopy word and should be placed with the other words which are like saying "FIRE" in a crowded theater or "BOMB!!!" at the airport... "TEAMS" is a poopy word... wait, I think I said poopy 2x already.. that was 3.
I generally leave the teams alone until there is a difference of five. Then I'll admin-switch the newest player to the other team.
I don't get it at all.

I don't know what's more annoying for me...

A few people saying "teams" (which isn't annoying at all, really) or censorship of any sort.

I can understand cussing, really, because it's not necessary and there might be kids (I use that term loosely) playing... but teams?!

I use the word "teams" for other things. Such as "Hey, anyone want to switch teams?"

If you're thinking now "just offer to switch SIDES instead notso" then you brought my next point right up.

If people can't cry about "teams" then they will cry about "team balance" or "it's uneven" or anything else anyone can think of. It would merely put it off a few seconds, which isn't going to reduce your annoyance, and may add a tad bit to the person complaining.

I also think it would undermine the dignity of the servers. These 2.5 servers (I'm still upset about the loss of my carbine in anzio) are pretty much the only ones I play on when I have time I can play DoD:S. I know pride is taken on the maturity level that is upheld, and if you start filtering out normal words from the English language such as "teams" then it seems to me like you're losing your grip on the servers, which I know you're not.
Okay, I'm obviously in the minority, but I think it's ridiculous to limit it. I generally don't say it when it's one or two different, but when it's 3 or 4 (which happens a lot), I do say it. If I need to find more creative ways of saying it or just say nothing and start moving people to the other side I will, but when making people aware of the fact of large differences becoming a problem for us, well, that's a problem for me. I'm for fairness and even teams and while I can stomach a 2 player gap, it's a knee-jerk (and justifiable), reaction when higher to point the fact out and ask people to help even things up. Sorry, but this is a sensitive issue for me, especially as I tend to go to whatever team is disadvantaged.
I generally leave the teams alone until there is a difference of five. Then I'll admin-switch the newest player to the other team.

yeah same, 4-5 people
As tag-holding members of the clan, we are expected to monitor the teams and switch ourselves when needed. Thanks for bringing this up John.