The most important question of all

I don't do Fantasy Football, I think it's kind of boring =\. It's like a "game" for people who don't know what DoD is =P.
lolz johnT is gonna get it goin in august, didnt u read the other forum thread lol? and kamakazi FF isnt borin, playin the piano is lol j/k
Hi Matt! John is trying to talk me into participating this year. I'm looking at that link now.

Oh, and John LOVES new forums!
Are we really going to do 14 teams this year?

What did we do last year? 12 or 14?

Right now the team roster looks like

Impulse (last years champ)
Candi (if she's playin this year)
Globetrotter (johnt's old roommate)

Thats 6 teams. So we have 6 or maybe 8 teams left.

Also, if you want in, you should be able to pay for stat tracker. It is worth it. 9.99 at Yahoo. It's your call, but well worth the money if you are serious about FF
omg has anyone checked out the new features on Yahoo FF?? It looks pretty sweet. Check it out (cut and paste time).

Drag and Drop Rosters
Setting your roster just got a lot easier
Eligible positions are highlighted when a player is selected
Quickly put your players in the right roster or bench slot

Personalized Fantasy Alerts
Injury alerts
Lineup alerts when inactive players are starting for your team
Learn when managers in other leagues are dropping your players

Manage your team together with a friend or a family member
Give your co-manager full access or restrict their permissions
Double the fun and half the sorrow

Custom League URL
Commissioners, you can now create your own, custom web address (URL) for your league. All league managers can bookmark this URL for easy access. Best of all, you can reactivate your league next year and use the same URL!

League History
Turn your League into a legacy. Set the previous seasons of your league to show the former winners and provide your league with instant access to archived seasons. Now, your fantasy team can truly become a dynasty.

Change Commissioner
Sometimes things just don't work out. Or maybe you're going on vacation and need to hand over the reins. When you absolutely, positively have to designate a new commissioner, now the option is there.

Default Scoring Settings
The default scoring settings have been updated to better correlate with common player rankings.

Passing: 1 point per 25 yards & 4 points per touchdown (They did this tyo nerf Manning)
Rushing: 1 point per 10 yards & 6 points per touchdown
Receiving: 1 point per 10 yards & 6 points per touchdown

I'm pretty excited.

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