[moved] Post Pics Of What's Important To You!

My drums, If im not playing dod, im on my drums crashin away. Ill try to have some sound clips of me sometime for anyone who cares.


uhhh im confused on suga's i dont know if its women or football or both.....im confused
thank you, i love that computer, watercooled and everything, just a pain to drag to LAN's
thx for the no post bubba and aw..... when i saw the cats.
all thats important to me is my computer, ipod, soccerball, skateboard, and guitar. oh and my pets.
Blindsfell, I changed my post. I was poopy to Blindsfell, ALL HAIL BLINDSFELL!!!! =o D

[Oh and scroll up, cause I changed mine, my pic was too big, it's better now and suits the subject of what's most important to us?]

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