I have a few questions, these things piss me off beyond beliefe.

1) sometimes after getting out of a game, I launch game and it says I have to buy it?? I restart steam and its fine, but why does it do it and how do I fix it?

2) Freezes at "Retrieveing Server Info" UGH!!!!! pissing me off, how do I fix??

3) After playing a game I launch DODS and the game goes into a small screen and then goes back to desktop.

These things happen to DODS more thanx CSS.......

Any help? doesnt happen to me but sumtimes dod will boot up and close or minumize but...there steam updates so ur not gna do much about it by reinstalling.....the updates mess up sum happens to sum pcs and others it does nothing
1) That seems to be a steam issue not yours just exit steam and start it again, steam needs to fix it

2) uninstall and reinstall it, if that doesnt help consider an upgrade on RAM, CPU and Graphics card

3) when was the last time you formated your computer? that could cause the problem because ur computer needs to be refreshed once in a while..also is any of your hard ware glocked? is so that could cause problems to.